Specialized Investment Fund (SIF)
by Alpha Wealth Management Luxembourg

As we fully understand the business model of the promoters who want to set up a SIF, we can write down a prospectus with all the technical features which allow us to obtain the visa within a reasonable time frame.

We can provide for promoters looking to leverage their expertise by offering to well-informed investors the possibility of investing in their projects through a regulated investment vehicle called Specialized Investment Fund or SIF under the laws of Luxemburg :

The services we offer cover:

1. The set up of the Fund with the complete processing of the approval process from the writing of the prospectus up to the final approval by the CSSF

2. The directorship of the SIF, where we could act as independent director, in charge of the mandatory risk management process

1. SIF Set-up :
To be applicable in case of our involvement in the whole process up to the final approval by the CSSF.

Our services include:

2. Directorship

3. Risk Management 

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