Alpha Wealth Management and AIFMD

lpha Wealth Management Luxembourg is your specialized partner when it comes up to the structuring of Specialized Investment Funds and other structures in Luxembourg, which involves a thorough knowledge of legal, regulatory constraints as well as economic and financial issues related to their setup.

nitiators/promoters of innovative products will find with us a reliable partner, able to leverage their know-how by setting up a specialized investment fund with one or several compartments. The SIF shall be any undertakings for collective investment situated in Luxembourg:

  • the exclusive object of which is the collective investment of their funds in assets in order to spread the investment risks and to ensure for the investors the benefit of the results of the management of their assets, and
  • the securities of which are reserved to one or several well-informed investors, and
  • the constitutive documents or offering documents of which provide that they are subject to the provisions of the modified law of 13th February 2007.

acing an ever increasing complexity of regulatory and legal backdrop, setting up an appropriate specialized investment Fund in accordance with the AIFM law of 12th July 2013 would allow promoters of a SIF to concentrate on their business model and offer to well-informed investors the possibility to benefit from their specific knowledge in a vast array of investment vehicles.

anagement of risks and of conflicts of interest is a mandatory process in the modified SIF law. We provide the promoters with a seasoned director, in charge of the risk management at the board level of the structure controlling the SIF. We also write the complete Risk Management Process after a thorough analysis of all the risks which could affect the SIF.

ealing with all aspects of a SIF structuring, stressing on key aspects of the business model of the promoters, analyzing the entire value creation process and handling all the practical issues with the counterparts in the SIF allow us to offer an unique treatment of the entire value chain of the creation and day-to-day operations of this versatile investment vehicle dedicated to well-informed investors.

AIFMD : Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive.


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