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December 2013: Article in the bulletin of the Luxembourg Association of Compliance Officers written by T. Liem Nguyen about the concrete implementation of a risk management process in a Specialized Investment Fund.

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31 mai 2013 - :

Les lieux incontournables pour réseauter entre financiers au Luxembourg.

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15th of April 2013

M. Liêm Nguyen, CEO of Alpha Wealth Management Luxembourg S.A has been interviewed by AGEFI, the well-known financial newspaper of Luxembourg about the strong expertise of Alpha Wealth Management Luxembourg in the structuring and risk management of several SIFs set up by AWML such as SIFs investing in jumping horses, photovoltaic energy electricity distribution, real estate, collectible vehicles, etc. Please click on the following link to read the full interview conducted in French.

> Please click on the following link to the full PDF interview in the April issue of AGEFI Luxembourg.

Luxembourg, 27th March 2013

The Luxembourg for HEC day on March 21st 2013 has been a great success with more than 200 students attending the event. This is a first-time event on the campus dedicated solely to a whole country. S.E Paul Dühr, the Ambassador of Luxembourg in France, in his opening speech, has welcomed the fact that Luxembourg is one of the most interesting professional destinations for the students and alumni from HEC school of management, which is regularly ranked at the top of business schools in Europe by the Financial Times.

Thanh Liêm Nguyen, CEO of Alpha Wealth Management Luxembourg and HEC alumnus, has leaded the workshop in Finance and has answered the many questions raised by HEC students about the opportunities offered by the financial sector in Luxembourg. He has pinpointed the fact that entrepreneurs are welcome to create their own investment funds and leverage their expertise in specific fields which could attract well informed investors.

For the press coverage of the event, hereafter are the links :
> Wirtschaft und Finanzen du 26 mars 2013

Finance in Luxembourg is boring ? Think again !

When one thinks at Luxembourg, there has been often the image of the “Belgian dentist” who hides his savings in Luxembourg and is only interested to receive the payments on the coupons of his bond portfolio. Luxembourg nowadays is a very dynamic and innovative financial centre, offering through its legal and regulatory framework attractive structures for alternative investments, such as the specialized investment funds. The private banking sector is also experimenting profound changes where the quality of the services and products are the main drivers to attract HNWI and UHNWI around the globe and no more the bank secrecy. The life insurance sector is also expanding at a healthy pace, combining the advantages of life insurance contracts and innovative financial products. See Luxembourg for HEC Day on 21st of March on the campus !

> Luxembourg : petit pays, grandes opportunités

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